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Powering Uptime Solutions
  • Commercial Services and Solutions
    Commercial Services & Solutions
    CESG has earned the respect from a wide
    range of clients in the commercial market.
    We will exceed your expectations
    of a quality installation service.
  • Institutional Services and Solutions
    Institutional Services & Solutions
    CESG has vast experience with projects and services
    required in the Institutional industry.
    Whether it’s a university, private or public school or
    other Institutional facility CESG can deliver.
  • Entertainment Services and Solutions
    Entertainment Services & Solutions
    CESG has a long resume of Sports Entertainment
    facilities completed over its tenure.
    CESG can aid in the planning and execution of
    your Entertainment associated project.
  • Healthcare Services and Solutions
    Healthcare Services & Solutions
    Today’s Medical facilities are changing with technology
    and require more diverse services.
    CESG has the experience and expertise to
    deliver to the Healthcare industry.
  • Hospitality Services and Solutions
    Hospitality Services & Solutions
    CESG continues to be a leader in the Hospitality market.
    CESG can assist you with our experience and knowledge.
  • Industrial Services and Solutions
    Industrial Services & Solutions
    Industrial clients in the Food, Beverage, Chemical, Electronic,
    Conveyance, Semi-Conductor and Pharmaceutical
    sectors require a high level of service.
    CESG can offer solutions to meet today’s industrial and
    manufacturing facilities demanding needs.
  • Mission Critical Services and Solutions
    Mission Critical Services & Solutions
    Today’s Mission Critical facilities require up-to-date
    knowledge of the latest trends and practices.
    CESG has the expertise to assist with any challenging
    Mission Critical project and will ensure fiscal
    responsibility when developing our solutions.
  • Retail Services and Solutions
    Retail Services & Solutions
    CESG performs electrical services for some of
    the leading retailers in the industry.
    We provide flexible but reliable and diverse
    services to meet the needs of todays retailers.
  • Residential Services and Solutions
    Residential Services & Solutions
    High rise multi-family residential construction is
    on the rise in our industry and CESG can deliver.
    We have electrical experience with all facets of
    developing and constructing high rise multi-family facilities.

Relationships Matter

CESG is a company focused on building and enhancing strong relationships. This philosophy allows us to meet the high expectations of today’s demanding clients.

CESG Mission Statement

Our purpose is to build and enhance relationships with Integrity, Value, Quality, Diversity, Responsibility, Safety and Professionalism. It is our goal to provide the highest levels of service in the market.

Core Values

  • We strive to provide the best value to our clients with high-quality and cost-effective solutions
  • We excel in providing solutions in a timely, efficient, and enthusiastic manner
  • We value the business we receive and know that we must continue to earn it
  • Every project, no matter the size, receives the same superior service from concept to execution
  • We take pride in employing only the best personnel in the industry, so that our clients can be assured of our performance
  • We take great pride in our long-term relationships. With every project, we seize the opportunity to build and enhance them

Service & Solutions

Preconstruction Services


CESG can assist with conceptualizing, designing, budgeting and estimating solutions to fit every client's needs. These services are valuable when used in the decision making process before construction occurs.

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Construction Services


CESG can efficiently plan, execute and deliver any sized construction project. Our project management and supervision processes are aimed at safety, quality, efficiency and value.

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Once a facility is occupied it is important to have a reliable, available and cost effective service provider. CESG has an extensive Service offering to aid in changes, maintenance and emergencies.

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Technology Services


All facilities are incorporating more Technology into their use and operations today. CESG has become a leader in providing Technology Based Solution for all facility types in the market.

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Our Locations

We have numerous office locations to help wherever you find yourself needing electrical help.

Recent News

  • Electrical Conference

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  • May 2015

  • Replacing Old Electrical Panels

    Do not do it yourself

    There are many reasons that a homeowner may be required to replace an existing electrical panel. The house may have had some recent construction work done and a newer, larger panel may need to be employed that will provide the adequate electric capacity or distribution ability. Alternatively, many aging panels need to be removed for safety reasons. Older, type fuses are now replaced with circuit breakers that are considerably safer. Only trained technicians with a valid State of Texas issued electrical license should attempt such a task.

    Time has proven that some of the older circuit breaker panels manufactured in the 1970’a era are prone to failure when an overload situation arises causing overheating of the electrical wire (conductor) which could result in a fire situation. It has been established that the recommend correction method is to remove and replace this type of identified circuit breaker panel and associated circuit breakers.

    Replacing a existing electrical circuit breaker panel is a major endeavor but the added reality of a safely installed reliable functioning electrical system is a piece of mind when it come to your home or business.

    This job can take anywhere between a few hours to a few days depending on situation variables and scope of work involved. Preventative maintenance services such as those provided by McBride Electric will be happy to provide an estimate in regards to labor costs and the hours that this task may require.

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  • Surge Protection


    A surge protector is considered one of the most important electrical safety devices that is currently used in millions of homes and offices across the country. Indeed, these mechanisms save countless lives each year while limiting or eliminating damage to surrounding properties. Due to the fact that surge protectors are all but essential in modern power distribution, it proves wise to have a brief overview of what they are and how they work.

    Examined in a simple fashion, a surge protector can be thought of much in the same way as the filament in a light bulb. This filament is rated for a certain power capacity. If the voltage exceeds that capacity, the filament will burn out and the bulb will cease to light. Surge protectors rely on the same principle. They are essentially semiconductors that are rated for a certain number of volts; in a household this number is generally 120 volts. Should excess power be in the line for whatever reason, the protector will react. This will cause a disruption in the voltage supply and protect electrical devices or individuals from the electrical surge.

    These protectors actually work very quickly. To appreciate how quick they will react, it is important to understand the difference between a surge and what is known as a spike.

    Thus, a longer lasting surge is more likely to cause a reaction in the protector and interrupt the electrical supply. At the speed of nanoseconds (billionths of a second), the level of protection offered is second-to-none and theoretically will save both lives and equipment. Should either a surge or a spike suddenly occur, a properly rated surge protector will provide adequate coverage against both instances.

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  • Spring is Here

    Have you checked your Grounding, Lightning Protection and Surge Protection?

    Spring is upon us and with it the usual spring storms. Not having the proper grounding, lightning protection or surge protection can leave your facility at risk of failure or fire.

    Grounding is a key element of overall electrical safety in any facility. Faulty grounding is a leading cause of injury due to electrical shock and facility fires.

    Every year approximately 4000 reported fires in residential structures and 1500 in nonresidential structures are attributed to lightning.

    Surges are brief bursts of energy caused by sudden changes in electrical systems. These can be originated within a facilities own systems or originate from outside a facility. Surges contribute largely to downtime and loss of sensitive equipment within a facility.

    Now is the time to verify or invest in proper grounding, lightning protection or surge protection.

    CESG can survey your facility and help to verify your grounding, lightning protection and surge protection systems are in proper working order. We can also establish if you are in need of these systems to help protect personnel and property from complications associated with improper grounding, lightning protection or surge protection systems.

    In partnership with Hicks Lightning Protection we can service all your needs with grounding, lightning protection and surge protection

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